Boreal Belt Throw Bag

High quality rescue rope with quick-release belt

$239 CAD - FREE SHIPPING in Canada

Worn on your waist, on your PFD or clipped into your boat, carrying this throw bag gives you a great tool for rescues.

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The Boreal Belt Throw Bag:

  • Comes with a quick-release belt that allows you to carry the bag on your body—and easily remove it when you need to
  • Contains 23m (75') of 8mm (5/16"), high quality floating rope;  the rope is great for throwing but also strong enough for unpinning boats and transportation systems
  • Is made of heavy duty nylon, meant to withstand years of use on the river

Rope is useful—and also dangerous

As with any tool, rope can be helpful but it can also introduce risk if used (or even carried) improperly. This throw bag should only be carried and used by those with training.

As with any quick-release system, you should be aware of a throw bag's proper use, frequently practice releasing and always be sure to thread the belt properly. Position the quick release toggle on your side (not front) so you can easily release it, even if you are folded over by the current.

Boreal River Rescue takes no responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss related to the use of this throw bag. The rope is not meant for repelling, vertical rescue or any applications at height due to polypropylene's low melting point.

Technical specs


  • Bag material: heavy-duty nylon
  • Large opening makes it easy to stuff
  • 4 grommets on sides for drainage
  • 2 grommets on bottom for drainage and to allow the knot to be tied on the inside for lower profile
  • Flat webbing belt loops for quick-release belt or to clip into as alternative attachment points
  • Thick mini-cell foam for flotation is positioned on side (the bag floats on its side for better visibility in the water) and is layered in between the inner and outer fabric layers


  • Fastex buckle at front with adjustability for tight fit
  • Quick release buckle with easy-to-grab toggle on side


  • Length: 23m
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Type: kernmantle construction—polypropylene core and polyester sheath
  • Strength: minimum breaking strength (MBS) 3900lbs*

*Rope is weakened by knots, water and dirt. The actual breaking strength of this rope once you are using it is difficult to estimate and well below the rated MBS.