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Rianna Sterk

Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Ice Rescue Instructor, Expedition Guide,

Good luck finding Rianna anywhere other than on the river.  Rianna has been an outdoor educator and guide for the past seven years, in which time she has spent over 1300 nights in a tent!  If you join an adventure or course with Rianna, her energy and passion for her profession is contagious. She will teach you how to move your canoe down the river safely, and she is full of environmental science nuggets and games. She also educates herself with stories and history about the area you are travelling in. In her personal time, Rianna enjoys lots of whitewater paddling, mountain biking, running, skiing, and dog sledding. You can often find her on personal expeditions sharing this love with family and friends. Please be patient with Rianna in the morning until she has had her first coffee.

Rianna is also a Paddle Canada Canoe instructor.