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Whitewater and Swiftwater Rescue

Build your skills and knowledge through practice. Get international certification. Gain the confidence and knowledge to make smart decisions when river running.  Learn about whitewater rescue training

Wilderness First Aid + First Responder Courses

Get the best medical training for anyone going to remote environments. Join a 2-day to 8-day course to learn how to assess and treat medical problems in the backcountry. Get details on wilderness medicine courses

Ice Safety and Rescue Training

You’ll gain knowledge and learn how to assess ice conditions—so you can make good decisions and work safely on the ice. Find out about ice rescue courses

Whitewater Paddling Courses

Boreal River offers whitewater canoe courses for groups of 10 or more. Choose our location or yours.  Learn more about paddling courses

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Get professional group training at your location or bring your group to us. We provide experienced instructors, quality equipment, and practical, hands-on training. View details on group training

This course was so much more comprehensive and hands-on than my previous swiftwater rescue training. There was more practice and simulations. Awesome! Well done!

Rick Orr, Elaho River Raft Guide

Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) student 2013 & WRT-Recert 2016 Squamish, BC, Canada