Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Treat injuries, improvise equipment, and save lives

For Cost Duration Prerequisites Pre-Course Prep
Front-country travellers or assistant backcountry leaders; beginner $399 2 days 16+ years, no experience needed 12+ hours, optional for private groups

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The 2-day Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is a short and intensive workshop for front-country travellers or assistant leaders.

This course is not intended for people who are leading groups, or for remote travel. 2 days is not enough to cover the wilderness medicine skills and treatments that might arise in those situations.

For more comprehensive training, please enrol in the 4-day Wilderness Advanced First Aid course or 5-day or 8-day Wilderness First Responder courseThese longer courses have no prerequisites, and will challenge you with more in-depth exercises and complex situations to develop your critical thinking.

Partnered with Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA)

For our medical courses, we partner with Wilderness Medical Associates. WMA has set the standard in wilderness medicine and rescue training for over 30 years. The cutting-edge curriculum is constantly updated by a group of healthcare professionals, has been taught on all 7 continents, and is recognized around the world.

Group training

Organize and host a course for your company, outdoor club, remote community or group.

You can choose to host a course at your location or bring your group to one of our course sites. We provide the instructors, equipment, and a great course. Learn more about group training options.


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