Ice Safety 1-Day Workshop

Hands-on practice—assess ice conditions & rescue yourself and others

For Cost Duration Prerequisites Pre-Course Prep
Those who travel and play on frozen waterways (snowshoe, ski, ice fishing, snowmobile); beginner to experienced $229 1 day No experience needed, 12 years + 30 mins online

The 1-day Ice Safety Workshop (ISW) is a great hands-on intro for groups looking to gain awareness of ice safety—and get experience with:

  • ice assessment
  • self-rescue
  • rescuing others

This workshop is available for groups. If you’re an individual, you can register for one of the 2-day Ice Safety and Rescue (ISR) courses that are open to the public across Canada.

This program is great for groups looking for a day, or even a half-day of learning on the ice. The training is entirely customizable and it’s perfect for:

  • field workers
  • school groups
  • outdoor clubs
  • municipalities
  • winter activity enthusiasts (xc-skiers, skaters, snowshoers, snowmobilers, ice fishers, snowshoers, kite skiers, etc.)
  • corporate team building

Participants will get good awareness of how to assess ice conditions, so, most importantly, they can keep themselves safe by avoiding dangerous situations.

We’ll practice testing ice thickness with different tools that are easy to carry and use.

Everybody will have the opportunity to practice rescuing themselves and others—in the comfort of an insulated ‘immersion suit’.

The training will take place in a controlled setting on a lake, pond, or still river (NO fast current) with professional instructors.

At the end of the session, everybody has the option to get into the water without the immersion suits (but—with a PFD/lifejacket) to practice self-rescuing and controlling breathing.

Every activity throughout the day is ‘challenge by choice’—meaning participants can opt to observe, rather than perform, any of the skills.

NOTE: This is a workshop / experience, not a certification. For international certification, you can join a 2-day Ice Safety and Rescue course, or 3-day Ice Rescue Technician Course

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